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"83% of consumers indentify TV advertising as having the most impact on their buying decisions, and TV usage has increased 26% over the last year."  ­Insights & Innovations @ Deloitte

Boost Market Share

"Study after study has delivered the same results: companies who pull in their resources and hunker down to ride out the economic uncertainties fall way behind when things get better. Those same studies show that companies who aggressively pursue revenue in good times and bad, leapfrog over their competitors in the following years."

All Business, a D&B Company

"Television remains a dominant media format. TV still garners 25% of total ad dollars."

Neilson, 2009

"...we did some television (with Bruen), actually national television, and it was well received with our buyers, well received internally with our executives, and more importantly well received by the consumer."

John O'Hara
VP of Russell Stover Candies

"TV viewing is up 20% from ten years ago. In 2009, U.S. viewers watched 4 hours and 49 minutes of TV per day. This gain is because there are more television sets in homes and more channels available for U.S. viewers."

Nielsen Company

"Real People" Testimonial Commercials

Real people radio sample reel

Whether for radio or television, Bruen’s ’Real People’ is the hottest, most effective advertising since word of mouth. As a matter of fact, it IS word of mouth!

With Bruen’s “Real People” TV spots, we come to your market and get your customers' comments on camera!

Who better to tell your story than your customers? And what better way to show them than on television!

Bruen’s ‘Real People’ TV gives your business a professional look with a spontaneous, credible, and compelling tone.

These commercials consistently produce dramatic results — for markets of all sizes and locations.

Post-Production Commercials

Real people radio sample reel 

Whatever you're promoting, you can do it well with this type of non-location commercial.

We have all the cutting-edge capabilities to really make an impression with viewers:

State of the art graphic workstations.
Uncompressed standard and high definition formats.
2D and 3D compositing and animation.

High-end, digital, non-linear editing means lots of choices, easy revisions, and the highest quality final product.

When you combine all this with Bruen’s effective shots of your product and expertly crafted soundtracks, you get commercials that produce results!

Syndicated Commercials

Bruen Media Group has created lots of very successful TV commercials and concepts throughout the U.S that can easily be customized for your business or product.

Bruen’s proven commercials at unbelievably low prices! If budgets don’t quite allow for custom production, syndication is a GREAT way to go!

It’s simple and foolproof, with extraordinarily quick turn-around times!

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