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According to research done by The Nielsen Company, in 2009 broadcast radio reached 77% of American adults every day. On a daily basis radio also beat the Internet. Radio scored even better in the 18-34 age group, daily reaching about 80% of this demographic.

Success Stories...

"Well, probably one of the best stories is, we actually had a new advertiser driving by our building who actually was listening to the 'Real People' testimonial, which prompted her to stop into our building, came up to the front desk and asked if she could place an ad. That’s just one example of many."

Joe Muro, Reminder Gold

"We’ve done (Bruen's) 'Real People' TV commercials, we’ve done (Bruen's) 'Real People' radio, and they work!"

Cherie Bryant, Antelope Valley Press

"The overall outcome of our first radio spot that we did for Forney Industries was amazing. Working with Bruen Productions is an enormous value."

Phillip Hastings

"Real People" Testimonial Commercials

Real people radio sample reel

Bruen has produced more "Real People" commercials than any production company in the world! Whether for radio or television, Bruen’s "Real People" is the hottest, most effective advertising since "word of mouth"... as a matter of fact, it IS word of mouth! Your own customers can tell your story better and more believably than anyone
We know how to capture and record those glowing comments with carefully developed interviewing techniques, digital recordings, and amazingly precise digital editing to create, high impact spots that get results — Just ask our clients!

We can create "Real People" spots for any client …anywhere …fast! Bruen delivers them turnkey with no hassle for you.

Creative Concept, Humor, or Announcer-Driven Commercials

Creative concept radio samples

"Concept," "Humor," or "Announcer," it all starts with a creative concept - developed from discussions about your product, target market, and best marketing strategy . . .

We add concise copywriting with a clear message for retention and a call to action... then turn our attention to casting fresh, distinctive, professional voice talent. After that it’s all about the production – we record it to the highest digital broadcast standards – and when we’re finished . . .

You have impact! Commercials that stand out from all the clutter.

Our creative staff writes all styles of commercials with one idea in mind - RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS! Make it memorable! Make them laugh. Make them cry. But MAKE THEM BUY!

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