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Our clients talk about their experiences and results from working with Bruen...

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John O’Hara, Vice President of Marketing, Russell Stover Candies, Inc.

“Their prices for production were extremely reasonable, and I listened to some demo reels, I loved what I heard, and we set off to do our first project together. Bruen really hit the nail on the head. I let ‘em alone to do what they do best, and they gave me a product that was outstanding... If you let Bruen do what they do best, you’re going to get an incredible product.”

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Hugh Riddle, Vice President, Directory Plus/Rio Grande Publishing

“I wouldn't have a commercial on the radio about my business or the product that we sell without it being as professional as the product itself. We've got the best books on the street, and we've got the best commercials on the street.”

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Kim Getman, Client Services Director, Media Works

“Bruen Productions has a very professional, very friendly and accessible staff that you feel like you’ve know for a long time, and we were very, very pleased with the production on all levels, and also, in coordinating with us and the client. When we heard the final product, we all looked at each other and smiled and said, “That is exactly what we wanted”... I would recommend Bruen Productions...Our experience was as good as it could possibly have been. They met our deadlines and exceeded our expectations.”

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Wilson Sims, CFO, Coastal Directory Company

“I'd recommend Bruen, if you've done some creative advertising to promote, I'd say try Bruen, because they do such a good job, and if you haven't done any creative advertising, I'd say, now's the time to do it. Do it responsibly, but do it with professional ads, and you will actually see a response in your market.”

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John Green, (formerly) Vice President of Marketing, The Journal News

“Bruen is the best at understanding your audience. Who are you trying to reach with what type of message; they understand right off the bat. It’s all about value... I would recommend Bruen to anybody in our industry or in any industry for that matter. They know their job and they know our business, and you put those two together, and you come out with a great product at the end.”

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Peggy Ziglin, Senior General Manager, The Outlets at Loveland

“We absolutely love what we got. I can tell you that in terms of results, our sales went up 15 percent the first month that it aired, and our traffic was up 8 percent. To be up 15 percent when our sister center was actually down 4 percent, I’d say it was a serious success...Dynamic, creative, wonderful people to work with, and anything we needed they had to us immediately...They truly listened to what our needs were, and we couldn’t have been more happy. I would recommend Bruen Productions to anyone.”

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