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Please click on any of the pictures above to view a video demonstration.

Bruen has access to hundreds of video talent professionals for you to choose for your video project. This page contains a few samples of a variety of actors and actresses that may be used for your video project. Please click on any of the pictures above to view the video sample.

Video talent, actor, video spokesperson, virtual host... whatever term you use to describe the person who is going to help you introduce and sell your products and services, that person will be incredibly important to your successful marketing message. At Bruen Media Group we have access to hundreds of local, regional and even national level video talents, all of whom can help you in very specific ways.

At Bruen we work with each client to carefully select the video talent that will provide the best results based on their specific needs. It's important to choose the person to fit your targeted demographics - gender, age, and yes, even appearance!

Your prospects and clients need to see and hear a video spokesperson who appeals to them, both in the talent's "look" as well as their "delivery."

If your product calls for a "hard sell," we have dynamic, high energy, charismatic video talents who will deliver your message with the perfect balance of conviction, clarity and persuasiveness. If your message requires a softer approach, we have poised, confident video talents who will present your message with sincerity, appeal and charm.

When choosing the video talent for your online video, television commercial, or corporate presentation, there are several things to consider:

  • Does this person catch the viewers' eyes and ears?
  • Does he or she look and sound relaxed with and confident in your product?
  • Does the talent have that certain "something," otherwise known as charisma?

Let's face it...we've all seen someone deliver a very important message in a "not-so-convincing" way, that looses the importance of the message. Bruen Media Group's video talents can keep your message top of mind for your potential customers, and at Bruen we have years of in-house experience and expertise to find just the right video talent for your project.

We've posted sample clips of video talents for you to choose from, but if you don't see the talent you want, we can give you more options. These video talents can be used for ANY of the video products that we create and produce. We're reminded of the old adage, "When fishing, don't choose the lure you like, choose the lure the fish like!" So when you're looking for more viewers and therefore more sales, try to keep in mind the type of video spokesperson that will appeal to your web site visitors.

Research shows that an online video spokesperson or host can increase your sales, thereby increasing your bottom line. That's why it's so important to not only have an online spokesperson, but have the right one as well! Bruen can walk you through the process of choosing the video talent who will appeal to your demographic, deliver the most reliable performance, and make your web site visitors feel welcome. A Bruen video spokesperson will truly deliver your message in a concise and interesting way, and your web site visitors will be more willing to click through to where you want them to go... the purchase and use of your products and services!

So, if you're looking for professional video talent to bring life and vitality to your web site, look no further than Bruen Media Group!