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At Bruen Media Services we are dedicated to providing our customers with a full service approach to all of their marketing needs. From multi-media marketing to print advertising, we take pride in finding our customers the most effective placement for their media - resulting in the highest return on investment.

Success Stories...

Over 50% Savings: Negotiated an overall average of $5.25 per cable spot compared to an average of $10.87 the previous year for a client in the Los Angeles, California DMA.
$1,000+ Per Month Free Advertising: Negotiated 50 "no charge" bonus spots per month in multiple markets for a Yellow Page Directory publisher.
Negotiated $1 for $1 trade/cash buys in the amount of $20,000 for a client in the Eastern U.S. market.
Saved a single client thousands of dollars by maintaining accurate records of media buys, reviewing each station invoice and working with stations towards resolution.
Secured TV spots for as little as $3.00 per spot for a client in the Denver, El Paso, Albuquerque & Salt Lake City markets.

Media Planning, Buying, and Placement:

  • Strategic Marketing Evaluation
  • Community Event Planning
  • Trade Negotiations Management
  • Mediums:
             • TV / Cable
             • Radio
             • Outdoor
             • Print

    Bruen Media Services Mission

    The purpose of Bruen Media Services is to offer our clients customized solutions to today's unique advertising challenges. By understanding your consumer's needs and developing a strategic plan toward fulfilling those needs, Bruen Media Services will heighten the level of interest within your target market, giving you the power to transform your business.

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    Media Buying Services Over 12 years of successful experience developing overall marketing campaigns, managing multi-million dollar budgets, and negotiating media buys.